Planting Trees

New Fabrics

Our New Custom Fabrics are printed in Québec, using an eco-friendly printing process.

Our Brand

Maple Tuque is a proudly Canadian Company that is concerned about the amount of pollution we produce everyday. We started our business thinking about how we could help the environment by selling products that can bring awareness to the pollution issue we face today. 

Our goal is to continue selling products that make a difference to the environment.


Beeswax Wraps


Our products will help minimize plastic waste and for each sale you will be planting a tree.

Our Partner

Every sale will plant a tree in the Atlantic Rainforest with the help of our partner Onda Verde.

The biodiversity of the Atlantic Rainforest is rich and impressive, it is the second of the most diverse ecosystems in the world after Amazon Rainforest.

Unfortunately, the Atlantic Rainforest has lost around 80% of its tree cover from deforestation, endangering the native animals and vegetation.

Onda Verde is a non-profit organization in Brazil that has already planted more than 2 million trees. They have been protecting the Rainforest from deforestation, promoting environmental education and conducting research.