About Onda Verde

Onda Verde is a non-profit organization located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They spread the importance of the biodiversity in the Atlantic Rainforest, its conservation and protection.

They promote environmental education, forest restoration by planting trees, conduct scientific research on the Rainforest and support sustainable constructions for greener living.

In the last 25 years, Onda Verde has already planted more than 2 million trees, has monitored the rivers for the quality of their water and living organisms. They have also done activities in local schools promoting environmental education.

Onda Verde monitors the areas where the trees were planted, checking their development and the occurrence of fire in the area. They conduct research to minimize the environmental impact of human activity in the forest.

Onda Verde has an excellent social program, promoting environmental education. They have a large facility where up to 10 thousand students can learn, discuss and gain information about the environment.

Their social programs include art and photography for youth, creating opportunities to learn a profession and helping them to be an important part of society. 

If you want to know more about our partner Onda Verde and their programs or if you want make donations to help them continue their meaningful work, please check their website : 

 Maple Tuque - Certificate of Partnership for helping with environmental projects.

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